Dear Life Traveler. You are here. You are alive. We invite you in to think about how you travel through life. You may not be content yet, you may not be where you want to be, you may not be everything you said you were going to be, but you are a traveling agent, constantly searching for answers and seeking to understand the unknown. The impedance of death inspires your freedom-- a freedom in the sense of living, enhanced by expiration at the forefront of your mind. 
Dear Life Traveler is a piece filled with movement. Movement that expresses personal tragedy, set against the backdrop of collective grieving, and a world of change and chaos. During disruptive circumstances when one loses everything, and understands nothing, we ask ourselves and question how vast and unpredictable nature is and how beautiful it is that human connectivity bridges us all. When you navigate a clouded memory, experience isolating present tenses, and hold onto a far away hope of floating on into the future, we hope that you gain a sense of freedom, take a moment to look around you and live--really live. 
Somewhere in darkness, there is light. 
Created by: Anabelle and Rainey Scarborough 
Choreography by: Anabelle and Rainey Scarborough 
Performed by: Anabelle and Rainey Scarborough 
Production assistant: Sofia Wieland
 Location: Threehouse Studios, Durham NC 
Words by: Chip Bell, Joey Richards, "Freedom Like The Boat" by Ashe Vernon, and Rainey Scarborough 
Original sound design (II. What Have You Noticed Lately): Anabelle and Rainey Scarborough 
Music: Max Richter, Funkadelic, Cinematic Orchestra, Jean Michael Blais, Olafur Arnalds, Library Tapes
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