Dance Choreography and Performance by: Anabelle Scarborough
Connection. Human connection, contact, touch, feeling, sharing, enveloping. When these things are striped away, either by chance or choice, it leaves us with a devoid sense of our own selves, more than anything else. Water. Water is the sustenance for life. It flows freely, lovingly and gently but can sometimes drown us. Water motions and mimics our own internal feelings., leaving us gasping for air at times. Who are you missing? ---- What are you missing? Is someone drowning you? ----- Is something drowning you? When we leave this world, we give up all our possessions and our memories. Love is the only thing we take with us. It is all we carry from one life to the next,

A Secure Lasting Memory
This piece was inspired from a torn up, degas T-shirt of my mothers from the 1980s. This is one of the few remaining items I have of hers and it means more than the world to me since she has passed. My mother was a ballerina and this degas shirt is something that has inspired me to continue and want to pursue dance in my life. Although the shirt is ripped, stretched, torn and almost faded entirely, the person who wore it, where she wore it and the importance it brought to her and myself are expressed through this piece.
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