Film Project 'Enigmatique' in which our team in UNC Chapel Hill's Workroom Fashionmash program created a sensory film inspired by Chanel no. 5 (2020)
The FashionMash program is an interdisciplinary design program in the UNC School of Media and Journalism focused on branding for the fashion and lifestyle industry. Through a collection of courses, workshops, and publications, it allows students to add hands-on creative projects to their studies at UNC. The program partners with top brands to take on a year-long market challenge, building out working prototypes of environments, consumer experiences, and products.
We are enigmatic. The identity, self-identity exists within the fog. It is wrapped and shrouded in a veil of mystery. But who are we truly? Are we free? To be liberated, to be independent, fluent in our expression, these are the goals of the self. Enter our world, and begin your journey.
Shot and edited by Anabelle and Rainey Scarborough 
Muses: Sydney Wood and Jhon Vance
Makeup: Jasmine Wilson
Location: Downtime 
Music: Aidan Cundiff
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